IN THE STUDIO: Natalie Obermaier

Artist Natalie Obermaier in her Venice, CA studio working on one of her new collages from her Coalescing series which is a response to the overwhelming pressures of mainstream beauty standards. By re-appropriating and deconstructing the glossy pages of fashion magazines into collages, Natalie “manipulates the manipulated” seeking to express something truer, hand-made and authentic.


Joseph Minek is a formally trained photographer who knows all the rules. That is why loves to break them. Take a peek into the darkroom with the rule breaker that is pushing the boundaries of photographic material.

See more of Joe's prints.


Brianna Tadeo worked with filmmaker Will Giovacchini to make a very artful "behind the scenes" video of her in the darkroom. This will give a glimpse of Brianna's alchemy magic combining animal organs, blood, and photochemistry to create her gorgeous Blood Prints.

ARTIST TALK: Brianna Tadeo 

Brianna Tadeo chats with the gallery director, Dan Shepherd, about her Blood Prints and answers some questions via Facebook Live.

Briana Tadeo Artist Talk Facebook Live

BEHIND THE SCENES: DM Witman - Supercluster Arion

Behind the scenes view of the making of the project Supercluster Arion and Other Phenomena by DM Witman. She collects slugs and they crawl on silver gelatin paper and create their own galactic impressions.

IN THE STUDIO: Robert Calafiore - "Time. Light. Chemistry. Magic."

Take a behind the scenes tour of the Robert Calafiore photographic studio where he makes vibrant one-of-a-kind chromogenic prints with his hand-built pinhole cameras and amazing arrangements of glass objects from his large collection of vintage Mid-Century Modern glassware. 

Artist Talk with Robert Calafiore on FB Live

ARTIST TALK: Robert Calafiore 

Robert Calafiore chats with the gallery director, Dan Shepherd, about his pinhole camera unique c-print and answers some questions via Facebook Live.

See more of Robert's prints.

ARTIST TALK: Ross Sonnenberg

Ross Sonnenberg, photographic artist, sharing his story and how he makes one-of-a-kind photograms with fireworks. During the exhibition opening for Illumination - Capturing Light without a Camera, on Thursday, February 16th, 20017 at GALLERY 1/1 in Seattle.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Ross Sonnenberg

Ross Sonnenberg exposes highly light-sensitive photographic paper with live exploding fireworks to make his own imagery of an imaginary universe.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Andrew K. Thompson

See Andrew at work in his Southern California studio sewing and attacking his chromogenic prints.

"If you are not on the verge of disaster, then you're not doing it right."

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