Photo Biologique: Light + Life

Photography is usually defined by its classical meaning “drawing with light” but with our latest exhibition, Photo Biologique: Light + Life, we are showcasing two artists, Brianna Tadeo and DM Witman, who each have added a unique biological twist to their traditional darkroom print making methods. 

Brianna Tadeo is a fine art photographer based in Oakland, CA. Her vibrant abstract prints are created with an experimental cameraless darkroom process developed by Brianna that combines photo-chemistry, blood and animal organs from the butcher to show a singular moment of the gradual process of cellular decay. She is compressing time into a single instance with these unique one-of-a-kind chromogenic Blood Prints.

DM Witman is an award-winning artist-educator based in Maine. With her series Supercluster Arion and Other Phenomena, Deanna continues to explore her themes of obsession – ephemerality, biology, synergy, and finding a way to make the intangible tangible. Over the course of two years, she worked with common slugs directly on silver- gelatin photographic paper. The process involved nightly slug hunting trips into the woods, followed by late night darkroom sessions. An introduction to these one-of-a-kind prints was written by the esteemed scientist and best-selling author, Alan Lightman, who wrote, “In discerning a resemblance of Witman’s slug tracings to the majestic display of the galaxies, we find some union between the very small and the very large, between the fleeting and the long lived, between the animate and the inanimate. And if we can also find in these images a touch of beauty, a sense of imagination, and a flight of whimsy and provocation, then we have fully experienced the voyage that all art attempts to create.”

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