Joseph Minek - Photographic Works

GALLERY 1/1 is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Cleveland-based artist and educator Joseph Minek.  Entitled “Photographic Works,” the show will run from September 6 to October 31, 2019, as an online exclusive on the Artsy platform and the prints are available to view in person by appointment at our San Jose, CA salon space. 

Joseph Minek focuses on the potentiality of photographic material, most notably its ability to transcend its conventional analysis and use in image-making. By applying photographic chemistry to exposed light-sensitive papers, he constructs cameraless prints whose colors, marks, and compositions reference the aesthetics of modernist abstract paintings while remaining firmly rooted in the realm of photography through process and historical precedent. Joe’s primary pursuit lies in how photographic material is translated into images beyond the traditional processes, and how these images can influence viewers to reflect on not only what is shown through the imagery but also the possibilities of the photographic medium.  Joe’s series Photographic Works are crafted via a unique cameraless process of chemical applications to analog chromogenic paper that he created and has perfected through years of experimentation.  Minek is a renegade at heart and his rule-breaking artistic practice subverts the traditional notions of truth and representation. “I am trying to create this confusion and dialog about photography and material and how that can function to still create a photographic piece of work. Photography itself is the main subject of my work.” 

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