Eric Potts


Eric Potts
ABOUT THE ARTIST: Eric Potts is a multi-disciplinary artist who mainly works with photography. Through the use of self-portrait, Potts employs the human body to create intense personal moments in which the barriers of artist and subject begin to erode. Every one of the Polaroids explores a different view of the male body in which the identifiers of our unquestionable reality destabilize; allowing the viewer to be lured into a space where the male body is recontextualized as flowing through identity, fragility, abstraction, and organic form. The polaroids present themselves as a thematically interrelated body of work that lies between projection and memory while creating a loss of cohesion in the identity of its subject. The forms themselves are subjective and only create parallels to memory and experience, inciting each viewer to create their own associations. As an artist that prefers to work only with film and traditional darkroom techniques, he chose to focus the body of work on to the medium of Polaroid because of its ability to instantaneously yield results, while at the same time producing a singular print that is almost impossible to reproduce with any level of exactitude. Much like our own bodies, the Polaroid becomes metaphorical, in that it’s soft, unique, not exacting, and far from the Greek ideal of Kalos. His work doesn’t always reference recognizable form. The result is a large body of work built through the dialogue and interplay of a restricted lexicon shared and employed by the artists. Eric Potts currently lives and works in Los Angeles.