Charles Lindsay


Charles Lindsay
ABOUT THE ARTIST: Charles Lindsay is a conceptual artist-adventurer whose work synthesizes ideas about time, technology, eco-systems and semiotics. Lindsay creates immersive environments, sound installations, sculptures built from salvaged aerospace and bio-tech equipment. Lindsay received a Guggenheim Fellowship (2010) for “CARBON” - a hybrid process synthesizing photography and drawing. “CARBON” harnesses the language of high resolution scientific imaging to render ambiguous the micro and the vast, the organic and the digital, the real and the alien. CARBON is presented as photographs, and as large scale moving visuals which are altered through sensor feedback and modulation to create subtly responsive situations where the viewer becomes aware the art knows it is being watched. “CARBON IV” was shown at the LED LAB NYC (2014.) The CARBON monograph was published by Minor Matters Books (2016) with forwards by Lyle Rexer and Dr. Jill Tarter. The author of seven books of photographs, Lindsay has published with Aperture, Little Brown, Minor Matters and Chelsea Green. His work has appeared in numerous international magazines including the New York Times Magazine, Blind Spot, Aperture, Natural History, Gastronomica, Audubon, Parabola, Orion, and GEO. Lindsay’s work has been profiled by WIRED, Motherboard,, Viralnet, NPR and CNN International. He’s also worked with many of Japan’s leading publications. Educated as an exploration geologist Lindsay is the SETI Institute’s AIR Program Director, a Guggenheim Fellow, recipient of the Robert Rauschenberg Residency, Fellow at the Nevada Museum of Art's Center for Art and Environment, and the innovator behind OSA EARS - a project designed to deliver real time high resolution sound and data from one of the world’s most bio-diverse eco-systems to anyone anywhere.