Brianna Tadeo


Brianna Tadeo
ABOUT THE ARTIST: Brianna Tadeo is a visual artist, whose work focuses on using photographic materials to show the effects of time, mortality and forms of decay of the human body. She was born in Philadelphia, PA, and received her BFA from California College of the Arts with high distinction in 2014. She has shown her work at SOMArts Cultural Center, and ABCO Gallery. Most of her Saturdays are spent volunteering as a mentor for First Exposures a nationally recognized youth photography and mentoring program, working one-on-one with her Mentee. She is the Photography Studio Manager for the California College of the Arts. Tadeo is currently living and working in Oakland, CA. STATEMENT: Curiosity has led me to a photographic process, which I derive a visual representation of decaying organisms. Photography, inherently, has always been a way to capture time and to create a record of a singular moment; however, what if you could create a record of the physical action of decay and compress this gradual process into a singular moment? My desire for this process stems from trying to make sense of cellular breakdown and to show its strangeness and beauty in an image. In this body of work, I'm using blood on photographic light sensitive paper to record the effects of its decomposition - what manifests on the paper are vibrant colors of non-contained shapes that mimic the viscous forms of blood and cellular tissue. The resulting images are vestiges of a larger idea that the biology of living materials are dynamic, and ever changing.