Todd Walker

Untitled, circa 1969-71
Silver-Gelatin Paper
10 x 8 in (25.40 x 20.32 cm)
One-of-a-kind silver-gelatin, color-coupled Sabattier print. 10” x 8’ print matted to 17” x 14” and ready for framing. Printed by the artist circa 1969-71. This vintage print is in excellent condition and was selected directly from the personal collection of the photographer’s estate with the authenticated estate stamp and artist signature en verso. The Sabattier “solarization” process of printmaking was popularized by Man Ray and Lee Miller in the 1920s and 30s, but it had fallen out of favor by the time Todd Walker began his exploration of the method in the late 60s. Wanting a timeless subject unbound by period and clothing style, Walker chose the classic female nude. He avoided professional models and their contrived poses and instead preferred amateur models and dancers. Capitalizing on his experience as a young Hollywood set builder, he created structures in his studio for the models to interact with a uniquely expressive fashion. His combination of shooting style and alternative print processing allows these photographs to portray a more authentic quality of gesture, mood, and emotion. Todd Walker (1917-1998) was a creative experimenter and innovator of photographic processes, materials and printmaking methods with a career that spanned nearly 60 years. In the mid-Sixties, Todd left a successful career in commercial photography to explore a more artistic path for his work by revisiting historic process like collotypes, gum printing, Van Dyke brown and Sabattier and Todd had a hand in leading the resurgence of these “alternative process” being taught in the 1970s and are now a staple in any photography coursework today.
Untitled by Todd Walker

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