Henry Holmes Smith

Meeting, 1972
Silver-Gelatin Paper
8.50 x 6.25 in (21.59 x 15.88 cm)
Image Size is 8.5" x 6.25" on a 10" x 8" sheet. Unmounted. Hand-signed by artist, Verso (in pencil) title, year, artist signature. This print is a great example of the figurative imagery from his iconic "Liquid and Light" series of "refraction drawing" photograms made by shining light through Karo syrup poured on glass plates. A cropped version of this print image is more widely available as part of the Henry Holmes Smith Portfolio Two from 1973, but this print version is much rarer. "As the syrup lens runs down the sheet of glass it causes light falling on it to refract, making marks that celebrate light itself. This celebration, in turn, honors sight and in this double celebration I honor not only light and sight but my true Master, L. Moholy-Nagy as well." - Henry Holmes Smith
Meeting by Henry Holmes Smith

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