Natalie Obermaier

Interlaced, 2018
Hand-cut Collage
8.75 x 8.50 in (22.22 x 21.59 cm)
"Coalescing" is a response to the overwhelming pressures of mainstream beauty standards. Women’s fashion magazines in particular stand at a crossroads of cult, consumerism and the unattainable image. By re-appropriating and deconstructing their glossy pages into collages, Natalie “manipulates the manipulated” seeking to express something truer, hand-made and authentic. The resulting juxtapositions remind one of the excessive visual and psychological contortions that abound in advertising while also creating a new dialogue in response. Coalescing acts as both a rebuttal to the aesthetic pressures of advertising and reclamation of the human image to speak a deeper truth by reflecting a more personable and representative spirit of self. Hand-cut collage mounted on mat board. Float mounted in a natural wood frame behind acrylic.
Interlaced by Natalie Obermaier

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