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Brian Henry is a self-taught, experimental art photographer and explorer. His first camera came from money he earned blowing up balloons. While Brian Henry had won a few scholarships to attend art school, he chose to apply his money to his own unscripted, artistic journey. He has traveled up and down the East Coast of the U.S., as well as Europe and the Balkans.

My work is an ongoing journal documenting architectural decay, facing fears, freedom, and mortality. I attempt to portray the beauty I see in forlorn locations and occasionally include myself and others within them. Although many photographs are made, a large part of my work is the adventure of exploring new territory and experiencing the unknown. It often involves traveling far and constant attention to my surroundings.  

From a technical standpoint, I primarily use analog processes. When I shoot Polaroid film, I consider it a unique souvenir of my experience. There's something meaningful in creating something tangible within a space that will soon be destroyed, or with someone that will eventually be gone. Other film mediums allow me to bend reality and add additional effects of distress and decay. In some instances, I have used photographic paper and film found in abandoned buildings. Other times, I have buried my images in decaying buildings for effects. It is all part of my attempts at connecting with space and disconnect with time. I also distress a lot of my images to mimic the inevitable decay of photographs with time, a reminder that nothing lasts forever. 

Brian Henry currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.



2017            Summer Shortlist - Pulp Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2015            Process Crossed - American Tattoo Studio

2015            Streit House Space, Poughkeepsie, NY

2015            Unfriendly Skies - Goucher College, Baltimore, MD

2013            Slideluck Potshow, Columbia, SC

2012            Area 405 - Slideluck Potshow, Baltimore, MD

2012            The Impossible Project “Momentum”, NYC, NY

2012            Years Mean Nothing, Carlheim Mansion, Leesburg, VA

2012            Good Light, Current Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2012            Kickplate Project, Wales, U.K.

2010            The Impossible Collection, NYC, NY

2010            Le Bocal, Lyon, France

2009            Le G62, Bordeaux, France

2008            La Galerie Contraste, Nantes, France

2006            DeviantART Presents, Sonar, Baltimore, MD


2018            Half Year Zine

2018            Pryme Annual Journal Book

2018            Polaroid: The Missing Manual, Thames & Hudson

2016            "Everyone thinks I Dodged a Bullet" Album & Poster, Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA.

2016            Newspaper

2015            "Half Year" zine, Streit House Space

2015            "Sacred521" album, Naked Roots Conducive, Brooklyn, NY

2015            "She is Me" album & shirt, Natural Velvet, Baltimore, MD

2015            "Dodged a Bullet" Single, Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA

2015            "Lifetime Ago" Single, Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA

2015            Abandoned Asylums, Impossible Project Magazine

2015            Q&A: Expired Eight, Pryme Editions

2015            Ghosts and Peel-Aparts, Onlfilm.Photo

2014             “I Was Going to be an Astronaut” Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA


For over 10 years I've created a photographic diary of self-portraits in empty spaces. I've explored my feelings of isolation, loneliness, and mortality. If I remove myself from society for an entire day, how will I feel? Will I always find comfort being alone in an abandoned hospital? This curiosity has taken me to places most people wouldn't think to go alone. It's through these experiences that I've grown to see myself differently in my surroundings. It's helped me experience fears from a different perspective and grow independence.

These photographs become more meaningful to me as time passes. These structures disappear but I have proof of existing there. A memory on paper, which too will eventually disappear with time.

This thought of my photographs decaying over time has motivated me to explore the limits of the photographic medium itself. Through a number of experimental techniques, I distress my images to enhance the decay of my surroundings and portray the inevitable decay of my photographs and myself. This is part of an ongoing, lifelong series.

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Associated Exhibitions

The Male Gaze
May 17 - July 14, 2018