Ross Sonnenberg

Ross  Sonnenberg



2014     El Dorado Park Nature Center - New Work     

2006     Cypress Community College, Cypress, CA


2013 - Duncan Miller gallery, Santa Monica


Cypress College Photo Show “Honorable Mention”

International Photo Awards, Lucies “Honorable Mention”


Positive Focus- Experimentals “Finalist"


Gallery 825-LA Art Assoc. “Photo Show” Juror Tim Wride

Palos Verde Arts Center National Open “Honorable Mention” Juror-Nancy-Silverman Miles


Texas National Open, Jurors - Jerry Uelsmann/Maggie Taylor

Angels Gate National Open Show, Juror - Jay Belloli

Irvine Fine Arts Center - Photo 2003

Exposure 2003 National Open “1st Prize”

Second City Council - “Why Art?”


Los Angeles County Museum of Art -Sales Gallery    

Long Beach Arts 98 National Open “Honorable Mention”


Gallery 825 -LA Art Assoc., National Open

Angels Gate, San Pedro, CA - National Open


Gallery 825 -LA Art Assoc., National Open



2016         Leminscate of Diffusion Annual vol. VIII

2015         Vice-The Creators Project

                Harpers Magazine, March

2014        Wired Magazine - Raw Wired

2011        Diffusion Magazine Vol. III

2009        Color Magazine  Nov. #4

2008        American Photo on Campus, November

                Blurb Editors Choice, The Big Bang Pictures


1999 - 2006     Los Angeles Art Association. - Gallery 825, Member



My life has been defined by chaos. 24 years ago I was getting ready to start film school, and embark on a career in the film industry. That dream came to a crashing halt when I became ill with a debilitating disease, It took over eight months for the doctors to figure out what I had. It turned out to be Systemic Lupus. I had to undergo chemotherapy to stop my immune system from killing me, and I had to say goodbye to my dream of film-making.

 It took several years to get my disease under control. When I was finally able to get back to being functional I still had all these creative ideas in my head, but no outlet for them. I started painting, abstract forms with tons of color. Some were expressions of pain that still wracked my body, some expressions of loss, and yet others were expressions of love.

 After several years of making art on canvas, I moved toward photography, because I have always “seen in pictures”. I have never been a traditionalist, and that was evident in my photographs from the beginning.. My first series was a combination of images. Taking color positives, and piecing them together to create something wholly unique. I used rough surfaces together with soft images, again creating expressions of chaos.

For my second series, I’d become fascinated with photograms, reading all I could on the topic. I discovered artists like Adam Fuss, Susan Derges, and especially Marco Breuer. Each artist’s work was completely unique, yet they were all using a similar process. Around the same time, I’d also become intrigued by the photos taken via the Hubble telescope. wondering if it was possible to create my own galaxies through the photogram process. While experimenting with different fireworks as my light source. I used color sources from things as mundane as a child’s windmills or a colored solo cup, and I used sand or water to create texture. The images I made, with some direction from me, were at the whim of the light source. When there was a successful  image. I found I had succeeded in creating art that resembled real solar systems. Like those created by the first Big Bang billions of years ago.

Lupus turned my life into chaos, changing the direction forever. My art has allowed me to give expression to that chaos.

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