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DM Witman is an is an award-winning artist-educator exhibiting nationally and internationally. Deanna has received grants from both The John Anson Kittredge Fund and The Kindling Fund (a re-grantor for The Warhol Foundation). For the past ten years, she has been making photographs without a lens. She didn’t choose this way of working, rather, it has evolved project by project to the sum of a lensless practice. It began with pinholes, and moved next to experiments with slugs and silver gelatin paper, and now in her most recent undertaking, on to salted-paper photographs. Each project has found her independently of the other. Her themes of working revolve around ephemerality, biology, and metaphor- all consequences of dual interest in art and science.

Her work was recently exhibited in a solo exhibition at Revela-T 2016 in Barcelona and she received an artist residency in Ireland as part of PhotoIreland 2016. Deanna serves as faculty at Maine Media Workshops + College and is an Assistant Professor at Unity College where she is Managing Editor of Hawk & Handsaw, Unity College’s literary and visual arts journal.



• 2009 MFA, Photography; Maine Media College, Rockport, ME

•2002-04 (Studio Art), Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA

• 1995 BS, Environmental Science; Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA


• 2016 How to Flatten A Mountain Residency, PhotoIreland, IR

• 2015 The Kindling Fund, Grant Award, SPACE Gallery, ME (Re-grantor for The Warhol Foundation)

• 2014 John Anson Kittredge Education Fund, Grant Award

• 2013 Honorable Mention, TPS 22, International Competition, TX

• 2012 Residency Fellowship Recipient, Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY


•2016 Melt, Revela-T, Barcelona, SP

•2015 A Lensless Vision: Contemporary Camera-less Works by DM Witman, Maine Museum of Photographic

Arts, University of Southern Maine, Portland

• 2015 Supercluster Arion & Other Phenomena, Unity College, Leonard Craig Gallery Unity, ME

• 2013 Pinhole Photographs, Susan Maasch Fine Art, Portland, ME

• 2013 Supercluster Arion and Other Phenomena, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA (catalog)

• 2012 dm witman photographs, Uppsala Foto Festival, Uppsala, Sweden

• 2012 dm witman photographs, Think Tank, Portland, Maine

• 2010 dm witman, pinhole photographs, Sussex County Community College, New Jersey

• 2009 Featured Artist, Lehigh Valley Arts Council, Allentown, PA, Sept/Oct

• 2009 dm witman, photographs, Baum School of Art, Allentown, PA.


Supercluster Arion and Other Phenomena, 2013

With Supercluster Arion and Other Phenomena I continue to explore my themes of obsession – ephemerality, biology, synergy, and finding a way to make the intangible tangible. Over the course of two years, I worked with common slugs directly on silver photographic paper. The process involved nightly slug hunting trips into the woods, followed by late night darkroom sessions. (No slugs were harmed in the making of the images). Each image is unique and cannot be recreated- each a singular object, and yet part of the collective, across time. Each image is unique mounted to anodized aluminum

MELT, 2015

I have travelled the earth via the internet to visit the world’s historic snowiest peaks to satisfy my obsessive understanding of ephemeral and dynamic states, mainly that of our changing climate. From satellite imagery, I have created photographs printed in the 19th-century salted-paper photographic process. These new landscapes serve as document and memory, sometimes with views obscured. The exhibition images are created to be ephemeral, fading over the course of the exhibition invoking a sense of change and drawing attention to the dynamic states that surround us. During the exhibition of these images, viewers are invited and encouraged to revisit the fading landscapes to experience the shift, drawing awareness to changes in world climate.

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